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Bekki Gilpin

Saturday April 15, 2006
2:25 PM
enjoy the paper very much.


Friday April 14, 2006
11:10 AM
i think it a miracle that the white buffalo was born maybe it is a message for the native people i myself is 1/5 apache my greatest hero is cheif black kettle

Thursday April 13, 2006
8:34 PM


Thursday April 6, 2006
10:11 AM
I like to say your site is great and very impressive. I thought that few things can impress me a lot! Thank you for this site.


Thursday April 6, 2006
9:14 AM
Great work!

Annavlle Arriaga

Thursday March 2, 2006
11:53 AM
I belive what you are doing is soooooo amazing! As you make your journey May the Greator guide and protect you through your journey.Thank you so much.

Thomas Perna

Wednesday March 1, 2006
8:16 PM
Great web site!!

Corinna Frank-Sanchez

Tuesday February 28, 2006
10:12 AM
Taking a look around the web site. This is very interesting, and educational. Keep up the good work for Indian Country. Shonaabishsha, Corinna Frank-Sanchez Seminole Fooshaletomle

Don Splane

Sunday February 26, 2006
3:47 AM
I am so very pleased to discover this website. Best wishes for a long and successful run. And keep up the good woek!

Rashanii Rhonda Casillas
Rashanii Rhonda Casillas

Friday February 24, 2006
3:17 PM
I would like to thank you all..for putting your heart into this magazine...\\\/// Rashanii \\\////

Bonnie Blue Kendrick

Thursday February 23, 2006
2:18 PM

Tabitha Peterson

Tuesday February 21, 2006
10:05 AM
I like the website. Eversince I moved from the Stockbridge res, I can see what goes on up there!

Dustin Cho nee Mah Nee ga
Dustin Cho nee Mah Nee ga

Monday February 13, 2006
10:26 PM
aho to all my relations. just figured i should drop a line from good old milwaukee. i hope everyone is well and i will see you at the upcoming pow wows so strap on your mocs and pop in a cough drop!!!aye!

Joni Two Crow

Monday February 13, 2006
2:37 PM


Monday February 13, 2006
4:54 AM
Thanks for the interesting site!


Sunday February 12, 2006
5:07 AM
this stuff is crazy these native women should'nt be undress they are more better if they has clothes on with native feathers. and some fury stuff,and some somethin to do with their hair with feathers on teir hair this is jest my adive if they done that way much better

duke jones

Saturday February 11, 2006
10:26 PM
iam looking for a song that was sang at a ceremony for mowhawk ironworker. This song had to do with being a ironworker

Randolph G. Flood

Saturday February 11, 2006
4:31 PM
As a fellow journalist in the midst of launching a Washington, DC based news reporting-training organization, I would be delighted to speak with someone from your newspaper. My telepone number is 202-347-9713, and email is listed above. Thanks! Randy Flood

Patty Mills

Sunday February 5, 2006
10:27 PM

valerie charles

Saturday February 4, 2006
7:28 PM
Just wanting to find some relatives from North Dakota last name Fourstar I believe they are from Spirit Lake. my great Grandfathers name was Cedar Fourstar my Grandfathers name was Robert Fourstar lived in Whapeton, Saskatchewan.

Kevin Flora

Tuesday January 31, 2006
4:07 AM
This is a great site and i hope that it stays around for a long time

baby girl

Monday January 30, 2006
11:30 PM

linda eades

Monday January 30, 2006
8:00 PM
please send me a list of upcoming pow wows for oklahoma. address is: linda eades 5901 s.santa fe oklhoma city, ok 73109 phone no. 405-822-9081 thank you.

Sylvia "Siv" Desautel

Monday January 30, 2006
6:56 PM
This is soooooooooooo awesome!!! I love it!!! -Colville Tribal Member from Washington State

Bobbi Jo Bear Looks Back

Monday January 30, 2006
12:45 PM
I loVe ReAdIng On WhAtS gOiNg On In OuR iNdIaN cOuNrTy. ThAnK YoU

Linda Chickadee Wing Draper

Monday January 30, 2006
9:44 AM
I just stopped in to see what is here and am glad to find easy listings of pow-wows and such. Thank you.

darren timmerman

Thursday January 26, 2006
10:44 AM

Bridget Wanna

Wednesday January 25, 2006
3:07 PM
I just happen to stumble upon this website and I'm glad I did. I'm from the Sisseton Wahpeton Souix Nation in South Dakota, but I reside in Miami, Florida. I was reminded of how much I miss the rez, being at my Kunis's house eating her fry bread and going to Pow-Wow's with my family. Thank you.

Curt Radabaugh

Tuesday January 24, 2006
2:28 PM
I always know where to look for the right information, and it's Indian Country.

Connie Headbird

Tuesday January 24, 2006
1:17 PM
I just stumbled on your website, it's great! Thank you!

Susan A. Yazzie

Monday January 23, 2006
6:04 PM

Roy Lutes

Monday January 23, 2006
4:52 PM

D.J. Izard

Sunday January 22, 2006
12:56 AM
Thanks for your info It will help me very much in my school home work.

Allan Watson

Friday January 20, 2006
11:24 PM
I read your article on Jennifer Jespersen (Menard). She is truly awsome! It has been years since I have seen her or talked to her or her husban Peter....or lovely niece Heather. Thanks

Suzzie Engström
Suzzie Engström

Friday January 20, 2006
8:50 AM
Best News From Indian Country. First I want to say thank you for a very good paper. For me it´s so informative and interesting. I am Suzzie Engström, from Sweden. I am 50 years old, and I have had since I was very young, a varm heart for the native american culture. Well, I have a wish for many years, to have a native american friend. Maybe a women in my age or older or younger. I am married and have to daughters, 20 and 24 years old. I work in our community with education for adults. My freetime I do native-inspired crafts and beeing with my horses and other animales. I hope it´s ok to write this words in this forum. Warm greetings Suzzie

Julia F. Laurenzana

Friday January 20, 2006
12:15 AM
I am a Comanche/Quechan/Mission and part Spanish women living here in Tlingit country in Juneau, Alaska. I am adopted by them as well. I am getting re-conected with Indian Country and I will be checking your site regularly. I am a full-time student here at the University of Alaska Southeast. Anyways, I hope all is well. Take Care.- Julia Laurenzana

Dayl Sondra Roach Osorio
Dayl Sondra Roach Osorio

Thursday January 19, 2006
4:24 PM
toniktuka he? How are you all out there? Just wanted to say I love this paper! We (my family) LOVE it! It is well-written & we look forward to it so much we hide and fight over a copy! ha ha but I just read online now, much better! (less bruises!) Here in Western Nevada we don't have much of a Native News outlet, just what's in the local paper, and that's usually negative and/or biased. Please believe me when I say we pray for your continued success! I read the posts and there are a lot of requests people make so i would like to make one of my own. My business, Bear River Creations, is currently looking & searching for Native artwork for our products & our clothing company, FAT PUPPY. I'll be brief- unpublished, original, authentic INDIN artwork! The good stuff! Not some Pocahontas with a prayer pipe, or some buff guy in a breachcloth! Please! Indin men are NOT built like that! (well, just MY husband, but it's either the Miwok or Mexican ha ha!)Anyways, I prefer single color art, black pen preferably, something that will scan, Sharpies are the best! We pay cash per drawing and also offer scolarships for those that may not be able to purchase drawing supplies. Serious inquiries only! We are a Native-owned business that travels throughout Cali., NV., and South Dakota! Help us help you! Pilamaya! Thanks again for an awesome paper! An enrolled member of the Washo Tribe of Nevada & California, also Minneconjou Lakota, & Oneida (Winsconsin). My husband is also enrolled Washo, and he also represents the Miwok & Paiute, oh and Azteca! Aye jus say! One more thing! There's a guy we met in the Rosebud Casino parking lot and we only bought one picture, which we regret, and we seen you at "Paradise" too, we can't remember your name, you did your drawings in Sharpie, nice! nice! nice! We pray for you! If you could contact us. . .or maybe someone knows of him? in Rosebud. . .Mission. . .Upper Cut Meat? Aye! jus say but really if any natives could help. . .pilamaya. and to all that took the time to read this, pilamaya, Keep praying for that positive change! Thank Tunkasila EVERYDAY for makin' you indin, & if you ain't indin (yet), keep praying! Aye! (that means I'm kidding!) ha ha

Marie Rose Gagnon

Wednesday January 18, 2006
1:13 AM
What a great site. Looking forward to to a Pow Wow.


Saturday January 14, 2006
2:55 PM

alexandra höttges

Saturday January 14, 2006
9:58 AM
In my family,there`s one mohawk,but not to 100 %,a quarter %,.I`d like to know more about this natives

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